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This is our first post in our Resources Series. We will be bringing you killer websites, tools and other resources to help boost productivity and efficiency. We will also be keeping a running list of these on our Resources Page. Creative Cache is not sponsored by or associated with these resources (unless otherwise noted).

BRAND COLORS: Official Colors of Top Brands

Brand Colors Screenshot
Brand Colors Website: Simply click colors to copy the HEX value to your clipboard.

One of our favorite resources that we use constantly is Brand Colors. Brand Colors is a website that consists of one giant collection of famous brands’ official colors. You can simply click the colors to copy them to your clipboard. Alternatively, you can select entire brands, or multiple brands, and download all the associated colors.

We have used Brand Colors on countless projects, an example being this website. We took the corresponding colors for each brand and added them as a highlight detail over our social media icons. These colors were copied as HEX values, which make it especially useful in regards to web design and development. HEX values are great in many other forms of design work as well. We tend to use them in Adobe Illustrator.

Have you used Brand Colors before? If you have used it, let us know below! If not, try it out for your next project, it will prove well worth it. Also, be sure to tell us about your projects, we would love to hear about them. As always, make sure to keep designing and stay creative!


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