Following Hashtags: Marketing with Instagram’s Newest Feature

Hashtag Light in Hand Instagram

Instagram has released an amazing new feature that changes the way we experience social media. You can follow hashtags. This unique feature sets Instagram apart from (and ahead of) competitors in the social media industry.

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Creative Cache Resources: Brand Colors

Brand Colors Logo

This is our first post in our Resources Series. We will be bringing you killer websites, tools and other resources to help boost productivity and efficiency. We will also be keeping a running list of these on our Resources Page. Creative Cache is not sponsored by or associated with these resources (unless otherwise noted).

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Set Up a PHP Website Locally in Less than a Minute

Creative Cache PHP Local Setup

While we were creating the Creative Cache website we worked through a few basic struggles. We thought it would be beneficial to teach fellow web developers, especially beginners, some basic practices that we found useful. The first is setting up a local PHP website to run on your web browser.

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